Heal from the stress and hurts of modern day life

Using some of the world's oldest holistic modalities - Tibetan & Usui Reiki

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Hi, I'm Leah DeSanto

I am an intuitive and empath specializing in stress reduction and emotional healing. With 18 years of private practice in New York City, I've worked with hundreds of clients using the time-honored art of energy healing. Based on rebalancing the body's chakras, my work reduces stress, lowers anxiety, and calms the mind.


As your partner in wellness, we first assess your goals and agree on the areas to address. During our session, I scan the body to find energy blockages related to your issues. The beats of a Native American drum enhance the healing energy, taking you to another realm where you can experience letting go and releasing anxiety, hurt, and worry. I then use Reiki Energy together with your body's natural energy field to release it. The resulting effect creates a holistic body, mind, and spirit healing.


All sessions are confidential. I never tell a client what to do, but gently guide clients to make sound positive decisions that are appropriate for them.

Mini  Shamanic Journey

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My Latest Book

I'm proud to announce my latest book is now out! Together with my collaborators in the healing arts, we address the many influences chakras have in all aspects of our lives.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique rediscovered in the 1920's by Dr Mikeo Usui.  It is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It can lower anxiety, improve sleep, and calm the mind so you feel more balanced and better able to handle life's daily challenges.


Start Your Journey to Optimal Wellness

I offer wellness services for individuals and groups in and around New York City!

  • Stress Relief for Groups

    For businesses, teams, and small groups

    Stress in the workplace is a growing threat to employee productivity and happiness. Companies large and small are exploring reiki as a path to restore balance and calm in workplaces everywhere through health fairs and recurring wellness events. Let's discuss how I can bring lasting well-being to your workplace and team

  • Reiki Circle Relaunch!

    For reiki practitioners, students, and friends

    Join our community dedicated to spiritual growth, togetherness, and love. Every Tuesday at 6pm we meditate, exchange mini reiki sessions, go on a journey, and end with a healing circle. We rotate between virtual and in-person Reiki Circles every week. Contact me for details. 

    In-Person at Balance Arts Center 

    151 west 30th Street, 3rd Floor, Rm 7.

    Tuesdays at 6:00 pm

    Donation $21, click the buttons below to reserve your place.

  • Private Healing Sessions

    For individuals and couples

    Reduce stress while relaxing the body and mind in a personalized reiki healing session. I tailor your treatment to your unique situation, using a mix of reiki healing, journeying, imaging, and crystal healing developed exactly for your needs. I work with clients in New York City, and globally using distance healing. Book a session with me and let's start on your path to wellness!


  • Leah is a great instructor. She explains the course  clearly and her examples makes it easy for me to learn and apply Reiki. I continue to participate in the Reiki Circle she gives weekly, and found that my gifts are developing under her tutelage. 


    Thank you Leah for being so dedicated and available to us.

    Anna, graduate and reiki circle member

  • I looked forward to my sessions with Leah every Tuesday. Not only do they give me a deep and relaxing break from my work, but they are a time for real renewal and healing. Leah always seemed to know where I was feeling my stress and offered gentle suggestions on how to shift a particular pattern.

    Marsha, Beth Israel Hospital - Center for Health & Healing

  • If you’ve been seeking a pathway to working with energy and gaining direct results, work with Leah. Her Reiki methodology is nurturing, with a precise understanding of how the energy operates. She can both practice and teach it in a way that’s digestible. My work with her opened energy channels. My chakras are stronger. Most of all I’m more aware of energy nuances after being attuned.

    Trent, graduate 

  • I walked into the room stressed and upset and left relaxed and stress free. Leah showed me how to relieve stress with breathing exercises and imagery. I would highly recommend a session.

    Danielle, graduate and reiki circle member

  • Leah is an empathetic, nurturing, and patient teacher. I'm grateful for her continued mentorship and dedication to my growth. Her positive outlook makes learning fun too. Exactly what I am looking for in a teacher!

    Kate, graduate and reiki circle member

  • I enjoyed Leah’s conversational style. She showed a high level of intuition, sensing where I was with the subject matter, going into details as she recognized this was my learning preference. She was thorough in her concept explanations. Walked me through each of the steps, explaining the Whys behind them. Blending in concept with practice, I had an immediate sense of Reiki at work. She also went above and beyond teaching me the first symbol. 

    Trent, graduate

  • I know all about Reiki and meet so many people who say they are Reiki practioners. Leah and I were co-teaching a chair yoga and Reiki class when I shared with Leah after class one day I was feeling exhausted. She gave me a Reiki session and that night I felt energized and in action. I was impressed and Leah has continued to impress me. I also love her Shamanic Reiki and I think you will too.

    Olivia Whiteman

  • I took the Reiki 2 class with Leah DeSanto. Leah is very loving and supportive; I feel so blessed to have her as my teacher. I can feel a shift in my energy and consciousness. This class has been life changing I feel at ease in peace and harmony and I am looking  forward to sharing this with others. Leah is so amazing and has been so supportive on this journey. I thank you Leah, love and light.

    Monica Febus


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